Erythritol Granule 30-60 Mesh NON-GMO

Appearance: White crystalline powder Chemical Formula: C4H10O4 Sweetness: 60%--70% sweetness of sucrose CAS No.: 149-32-6 Character: Low calorie, high stability, low hygroscopicity, high tolerance

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CAS No.:149-32-6 Other Names: Erythritol MF: C4H10O4 Place of Origin: Shandong, China Type: Sweeteners Brand Name: Fuyang Appearance: White crystalline powder

Main Functions

1. Low calorie: the caloric value of Meso-Erythritol is 0.2Kcal/g, nearly zero. 2. High tolerance: Human tolerance to Meso-Erythritol is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight, higher than xylitol, lactose alcohol, and maltitol. Because Meso-Erythritol has small molecular weight and little absorption, and is mainly discharged through urine, thus avoiding diarrhea caused by hyperosmosis, and flatulence caused by intestinal bacteria fermentation. 3. Low sweetness: the sweetness of Meso-Erythritol is about 60%--70% of sucrose. It has a cool taste, pure taste, and no post-bitter taste. It can be combined with high sweetener to suppress the bad flavor of other high sweeteners. 4. High stability: Meso-Erythritolis very stable to acid and heat, has high acid and alkali resistance, will not decompose and change below 200 degrees temperature, and will not change color due to Maillard reaction. 5. High dissolution heat: when Meso-Erythritol is dissolved in water, it has an endothermic effect. The dissolved heat is 97.4KJ/KG, which is higher than that of dextrose and sorbitol. It has a cool feeling when eaten. 6. At 25℃, the solubility of Meso-Erythritol is 37% (W/W). With the increase of temperature, the solubility of Meso-Erythritol will increase, and it is easy to crystallize out into crystal, which is suitable for foods requiring sucrose taste, such as chocolate and table sugar. 7. Low hygroscopicity: Meso-Erythritolis very easy to crystallize, but it does not absorb moisture in 90% humidity environment, and it is easy to be crushed into powder. It can be used on the surface of food to prevent food from being spoiled by moisture absorption. 8. Meso-Erythritol is absorbed through small intestine and enter into blood, but not causes change of blood sugar and not involves in glycometabolism, discharged through kidney. It is suitable for people with diabetes and hyperglycemia. It does not ferment in colon, can avoid stomach uncomfortable. 9. Not cause dental caries, Meso-Erythritol is not used by oral bacteria, so it will not produce acid substances to harm teeth, which will lead to dental caries, and inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, thus playing a role in the protection of teeth.


1. Beverages: Zero calorie, low calorie drinks
  • Meso-Erythritol increases the sweetness, thickness and lubrication of the drink while reducing bitterness. It also masks other odors and improves the flavor of the drink.
  • Meso-Erythritol can be used as a refreshing powder beverage, because Meso-Erythritol absorbs large amounts of heat when dissolved, which causes cool mouth feel.
  • Meso-Erythritol can promote the combination of ethanol and water molecules in solution, and alcoholic drinks can reduce the sensory stimulation of smell and alcohol, and can effectively improve the quality of liquor and wine.
  • Meso-Erythritol can obviously improve the undesirable odor of plant extract, collagen, protein, peptide and other substances.
2. Bakery foods
  • Baked products using Meso-Erythritol have better structural tightness and softness, different oral solubility and subtle color differences than those using sucrose as raw material.
  • Meso-Erythritol used in baked foods is preferably powdery or crystallized with a fine particle size (<200um). The fine particles give the product a smooth, rounded texture and mouth feel.
3. Cakes and cookies
  • For cake products, adding Meso-Erythritol can reduce calories by at least 30 percent without any negative effects.
  • In heavy sugar and heavy oil cake and sponge cake, Meso-Erythritol and maltitol can be used to completely replace sucrose, which can produce low sugar and no sugar products with good taste, and also have good shelf life.
  • Products using Meso-Erythritol can extend shelf life. Meso-Erythritol inhibits microbial growth in baked products.
  • Meso-Erythritol can maintain freshness and softness of the product, because of its excellent water retention properties. Adding 10% Meso-Erythritol to biscuits can successfully improve the stability and shelf life of such products.
  • Soft and hard sandwich biscuit can also use a mixture of Meso-Erythritol and maltitol to replace sucrose. The use of Meso-Erythritol together with sucrose in hard biscuits results in a substantial reduction in calories.
4. Food fillings
  • Meso-Erythritol is added to fruit jam to enhance its natural fruit flavor.
  • Adding Meso-Erythritol to the cream icing (whole fat) not only reduces calories but also provides a refreshing taste. When Meso-Erythritol, maltitol and aspartame are used together, the energy value can be reduced by nearly 50%.
  • Cream: Add Meso-Erythritol with fine particle size of nearly 60% of the product, reduce calorie, bring cool taste, weaken fat soft taste, make the product have the advantages of cool and refreshing. Compared with conventional sucrose fat type baking products, products using Meso-Erythritol have a longer shelf life.
5. Candies and confections
  • Meso-Erythritol is widely used in producing a wide range of good quality confectionery, which has the same texture and shelf life as traditional products. Because Meso-Erythritol is easy to be crushed and does not absorb moisture, the confectionery has good storage stability even under high humidity, and is beneficial to the health of teeth without causing dental caries.
  • Making soft candy with Meso-Erythritol yields a high degree of crystallisation, but a combination of less than 40% erythritol and 75% concentration of maltitol liquid provides good control of crystallization.
  • The use of Meso-Erythritol in peppermint candies can help to obtain a good cooling taste.
  • For cough drop, Meso-Erythritol is added to cough drop to obtain a low calorific value, anti-caries product. A mixture of Meso-Erythritol, lactose and crystalline maltitol can be used to replace the traditional sucrose in the production of cough syrup. In addition to its low calorie and cooling effect, Meso-Erythritol also has a good texture and low hygroscopic which lactose and crystalline maltitol do not have.
  • Adding Meso-Erythritol as a filler to rock sugar gives it a nice cooling taste. Moreover, the rapid crystallization rate of Meso-Erythritol makes the rock sugar can be made quickly and conveniently in an anhydrous environment, and such rock sugar can also have a good shelf life in a dry and unpacked environment.
6. Chewing gum
  • Meso-Erythritol is suitable as a sweet material for chewing gum because it is easy to be slightly crushed and has low hygroscopic properties. Moreover, the gum is cool in the mouth, low in calories and non-caries, so it can be used to make "good teeth" gum.
  • In gum coating, the best coating is generally 40% Meso-Erythritol in combination with other hydroxyl compounds, such as sorbitol and maltitol. Meso-Erythritol help get high moisture resistance, cool taste, better chewability and support than xylitol. When coated with Meso-Erythritol, it help shorten 30% crystallization time.
7. Chocolate and chocolate foods
  • Meso-Erythritol is characterized by good thermal stability and low hygroscopicity, and can be operated in an environment above 80℃ to shorten the processing time.
  • Because chocolate with Meso-Erythritol need higher production temperature than conventional chocolate, it promotes the production of flavor.
  • Meso-Erythritol can easily replace sucrose in Chocolate and reduce the energy of 34%. It also gives chocolate a cool and non-carious taste.
  • The low hygroscopicity of Meso-Erythritol helps to overcome frosting in chocolate making.
8. Fondant
  • Meso-Erythritol is the only sweetener of all polyols that can be used to produce sugar-free fondant. It not only has a pleasant cool taste, but also has a pleasing appearance, with good consistency and good storability.
  • The fondant made from Meso-Erythritol has good stability due to its low residual water content and water activity. The product reduces calories by about 65%.
Sweetness: 70% sweetness of sucrose Character: Low calorie, low glycemic Application: Sugar substitute Solubility: Easy soluble in water Certification: BRC, Kosher, Halal Purity: 100% Erythritol MOQ: 1MT

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