D-Psicose / Allulose zero sugar altenative

Appearance: White crystalline powder Chemical Formula: C6H12O6 Sweetness: 70% sweetness of sucrose Caloric Value: 0.4 Kcal / g CAS No.: 551-68-8 Character: Good solubility, low calorie, low glycemic response

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Allulose is an epimer of fructose, a rare monosaccharide that naturally exists in nature but has very little content. The sweetness is 70% of sucrose, and the calories are 0.3% of sucrose. It has similar taste and volume characteristics to sucrose, and is the best substitute for sucrose in foods. It is called "low-calorie sucrose". The United States approved as a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) substance, allowing D-psicose to be used as a dietary additive and some food ingredients. The United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. have been used in baking, beverages, candy and other foods. 1. D-Psicose, inhibit fat synthesis, improve the speed of fat decomposition, weight loss. 2. D-Psicose, inhibit the bio-activity of α-glucosidase, reduce the absorption of glucose in small intestine, lower the blood sugar, especially postprandial blood sugar (PPG). 3. D-Psicose is absorbed through small intestine and enter into blood, but not cause change of blood sugar, discharge from kidney. 4. D-Psicose increases insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. It can induce hepatic glucokinase expression, increase liver glycogen synthesis. It can also slow the fibrosis β islet cells. 5. D-Psicose improves the gelation of food. It also has maillard reaction with protein in foods, and help improve flavor, taste and color.


Zero sugar, Zero Fat, Low calorie: 1/10th of sugar calorie. Sweetness like sucrise but not labeled as sugar. Diabetes-friendly: No effect on blood sugar. Regaulating intestinal microecology.


1. Low-calorie, sugar-free foods and beverages. 2. Foods and beverages for people with high blood sugar or diabetes. 3. Foods and beverages for weight loss. Allulose offers the clean, sweet taste of sugar making it ideal in a wide range of foods. And because it’s a sugar, it functions like sugar to make low-calorie foods and beverages taste better, or to reduce calories in full-sugar products.

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