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Overview Corn starch also known as maize starch, the common name six grains powder, white light yellow powder. Fuyang Corn starch Features: white color, pure odor, low protein content, less spots, no lead, arsenic and other heavy metals, high fineness, water control stability and many other characteri stics.

Products Details


Application Product Advantages
Starch sugar Low protein content, stable p H value and low production cost.
Food production High whiteness, low sulfur dioxide content, non-GMO.
Paper making Low moisture, low protein content, high whiteness, high fineness.
Modified starch Low protein content, high fineness, the p H value +the viscosity are stable.
Pharma Low moisture, low protein content, stable ph value.
Others It is widely used in beer, chemical industry and feed fields.

Technical Specification

Item Standard Fuyang test result
Appearance White or light yellow powder, no odor White or light yellow powder, no odor
Moisture, % ≤ 14.0 13.3
Ash (dry), % ≤0.15 0.12
Protein (dry), % ≤0.45 0.28
Spots, points/cm2 ≤0.7 0.2
Fat, % 0.15 0.14
Fineness, % ≥99.0 99.9
Whiteness, degree o ≥87.0 90
SO2, mg/kg ≤30.0 15.5


Waxy corn starch is obtained by wet grindingof waxy corn. The amyl pectin content is above 95%. It is a kind of polysaccharides with different molecular weights andpolymerization degree between 600 and 6000. It is a special starch with high price and wide application. It has been widely used in food industries such as baked food, children's food, puffed food and frozen food. The waxy corn starch paste has high viscosity and is not easy to age after gelatinization. The paste liquid has anti-sedimentation and transparency higher than ordinary corn starch and potato starch.


Waxy corn starch is widely used in food applications such as bread, stuffing, pudding, etc. It has good water retention and viscosity, so it can be used in combination with other starches to increase viscosity, improve surface texture and prevent aging.


Item Standard Fuyang test result
Appearance White powder, no odor White powder, no odor
Moisture ,%  (m/m) ≤ 14.0 13.1
Fineness ,%  (m/m) ≥99.0 99.2
Spot points/cm² ≤0.7 0.31
Ash  (dry) ,% ≤0.15 0.12
Protein  (dry) ,% ≤0.45 0.3
Whiteness,% ≥87.0 89
SO2,mg/kg ≤30.0 25
Branched-chain ,% ≥90 95

Modified Starch

• Oxidized Starch • Cationic Starch • Coating Starch • Spray Starch • Acid Treatment Starch • Acetate Starch • Hydroxypropyl Starch • Distarch Phosphate • Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate • Acetylated Distarch Adipate • Acetylated Distarch Phosphate • Oxidized Esterifield Cross-link Starch
Paper Industry Surface Sizing, Internal Sizing, Coating Adhesive etc.Properties: High White, Low Viscosity, High Transparency, Low Gelatinization Temperature, Low Consistency and High Stability of hot and cold paste.
Food Industry Tomato Sauce, Seafood Sauce, Mayonnaise; Instant Noodles, Frozen Dumplings, Fish Balls; Fudge, Candy, Ice cream, Jelly, Yogurt, Flavored Milk etc.
Cosmetic Industry Good Fluidity, Non-toxic, no harmless to human body.High White, Good Fineness, High Stability of paste, as Emulsifier or Thickener.
Other Industries Textile Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry

Company Introduction

Shandong Fuyang Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is leading company in corn deep-processing, which oriented of bio-fermentation. We produce Corn Starch – 750,000 .00tons per year; Modified Starch – 110,000tons per year; Sodium Gluconate – 250,000tons per year; Erythritol-50,000tons per year...    Now company is honored with ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, NON-GMO, FSSC22000, BRC A, FDA certificates etc.

Key Products

Corn Starch

Tech grade/Food garde

Hyproxypropyl Distarch Phosphate- From Corn starch E1442
Acid Treatment Starch E1401 Hyproxypropyl Distarch Phosphate- From Tapioca starch E1442
Oxidized modified starch E1404 Hyproxypropyl Distarch Phosphate- From Waxy starch E1442  
Oxidized starch-Textile grade E1404 Acetate starch - Corn starch E1420
Cationic Modified starch  -Dry   Acetate starch - Tapioca E1420
Cationic Modified starch  -Wet   Cross-linked starch  
Acetylated distarch phosphate- From Corn starch E1414 Hydroxy propyl starch- From Corn starch E1440
Acetylated distarch phosphate- From Tapioca starch E1414 Hydroxy propyl starch- From Tapioca starch E1440
Acetylated distarch phosphate- From Waxy starch E1414 Hydroxy propyl starch- From Waxy starch E1440
Waxy Corn Starch   Acetylated distarch adipate-From Corn/Tapioca/Waxy Starch E1422

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