Sodium Gluconate Concrete Admixture Application Retarder Accelerator

Sodium gluconate has a wide range of applications. For example, 1) Used in the food industry. Sodium gluconate can replace salt and improve food flavor. 2) Sodium Gluconate could be a chelating agent in the construction.textile, metal surface dealing. and water treatment. 3)Sodium Gluconate could be the cleaning aaent for the steeland alass. 4) Sodium Gluconate could be the electroplating industry aluminum oxygen coloring agent. 5) Sodium Gluconate could be the hiah-efficiency concrete retarder& concrete superplasticizer in the concrete industry.

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Sodium Gluconate Uses in Concrete. 1)Sodium Gluconate Set Retarder in Concrete. Sodium gluconate for concrete can significantly delay the seting time of concrete.When the amount of sodium gluconate is 0.15% or less, the amount of sodium gluconate in concrete is doubleand the time of concrete initial setting will be delayed by ten times. This prolongs the work time of concrete from a few hours to a few days without losing its strength. Nowadays. the concrete in many places is transported to the construction site after mixing in the plant area. If the concrete solidifies durina this period of time, the construction will not be carried out. At this time it is necessary to adosodium aluconate admixture to the concrete because it can retard the concrete and enhance its plasticizing performance of the concrete. In addition, due to the large volume of the infusionprojectit is difficult to construct.Adding sodium gluconate to concrete can improve the working performance of concrete and delay the seling time of concretethus avoiding the formation of joints on the structure and improving the structural strength. That is conducive to the implementation of large-volume perfusion projects. 2)Sodium Gluconate as Water Reduce. As a water-reducing agentsodium gluconate can make concrete mixes have better processability and increase concrete slump. By adjusting the water-cement ratio and adding sodium gluconate the strength of the concrete structure can be enhancedbesides. The cement content can be reduced while maintaining the oridinalstrenoth of the concrete. By adding sodium gluconate to the concreteyou can get the following results. 1. Reduce cement and water.The addition of sodium gluconate can reduce the cement content to the same proportion of water consumption. The overall water-cement ratio of the concrete remains unchanged. 2. Improve the strength of concrete. When the cement content remains constant and the water content of the concrete decreases. With 0.1% sodium gluconate addedthe concrete water consumption can be reduced by 10%. 3. Improve the workability of concrete. When the water-cement ratio is constant the addition of sodium qluconate can improve the workability of concrete. Certification ≥99%.

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